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Pure Beeswax Candles

Pure beeswax has been prized by candle-makers for millennia. Naturally aromatic, pure beeswax candles burn slowly, brightly, and evenly. While paraffin candles emit sooty chemical residues, pure beeswax candles produce negative ions when burning, drawing toxins and dust particles from the air. Burning pure beeswax candles can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers.

At Canterbury's, our pure beeswax candles are hand-crafted at our retail location in Wiarton, Ontario. Beeswax is obtained from a local bee-keeper, and only natural, lead-free wicks are used. Canterbury's pure beeswax candles are available as tapers, pillars, votives, or tea-lights. Tapers are hand-dipped, making them the most labour intensive of the candles.

Please direct enquiries or orders for our Pure Beeswax Candles to

loriannbumstead@gmail.com or Telephone (519) 372-9206


These beautiful, hand-dipped tapers burn without dripping, and are smoke-free, enhancing your dining experience with a soft, glowing flame. Sold by the pair, tapers are currently available in two sizes. The six inch long tapers fit most standard candle-sticks. Our new four inch long "mini-dips" fit miniature candle holders, and are popular for wedding favors.

7" tapers $8.50 a pair
4" mini-dips $3.50 a pair

Chunky pillars provide hours and hours of drip-free burning.  Just "hug" your candle after everal hours of burning by carefully pressing the still warm outer rim of wax in toward the center of an extinguished candle.  Our new large pillar is particularly impressive and substantial enough to be the focal point of your holiday or special occasion table.  If you like to burn a candle for the duration of an evening (supervised of course) these pillars are the ones to choose.
Our slim pillars are intended to burn for approximately 45 minutes per lighting at which time there will only be a small rim of wax enclosing the wax pool.  They must be extinguished, and can be hugged and relit after about 15 minutes.  Like the chunky pillars they will also provide hours of overall burn time.   
Choose the style that best suits your burning preference.

Chunky pillar: 2 1/2" x 4"     12.00
Large pillar: 3" x 6" 30.00
Slim pillar: 2" x 4"   $7.50
Tall slim pillar: 2" x 6" 10.00

Very popular, our 2 ounce round votives burn approximately 15 hours, and make a wonderful little gift to have on hand.
The 2 ½ ounce square votive is one of my favorite shapes. Our pure beeswax square votives burn approximately 20 hrs. Always burn votives in a proper votive holder.

Round Votive: $2.60 ea. Or 4 for $10.00
Square Votive: $3.50 ea. Or 3 for $10.00

Many people enjoy tea-lights for their handy size and versatility of use. Clean-burning, our pure beeswax candles will not blacken the inside of your ornamental tea-light "houses". We use aluminum cups, and, as in all our candles, lead-free wicks for our tea-lights, sold in packages of six.

Sold in packages 0f 9
Tea-lights $10

Please direct enquiries or orders for our Pure Beeswax Candles to

loriannbumstead@gmail.com or Telephone (519) 372-9206

Castile Soaps and Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Soaps . Pillows . Special Items . Beeswax Candles . Home . Order

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