Castile Soaps and Buckwheat Hull Pillows
Buckwheat Hull Pillows

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Buckwheat Hull Sleep Pillows
If you have been searching for the perfect sleep pillow then perhaps you should experience the comfort and support of sleeping on a buckwheat hull pillow.

What Makes Buckwheat Hull Pillows Special?
Buckwheat hull pillows are filled with the smooth outer hulls of the buckwheat fruit. The secret lies in the unique interlocking shape of the hulls which allows the pillow to conform to the exact contours of the head and neck. It then tends to provide stable support all night long.

Other Advantages Of Buckwheat Hull Pillows
Most synthetic fiber, foam or feather pillows have many chemicals added. Hull pillows are 100% pure and natural. Tests on Buckwheat pillows have shown that they are dust mite free, a great advantage for allergy sufferers.

Buckwheat hull pillows offer a "cooling effect" by absorbing a certain amount of body heat which causes the husks to curl up slightly inside the pillow. This allows for more air circulation and dissipation of heat through the pillow thus night sweats are often greatly reduced and the pillow remains cool to the touch. The husks also do not absorb any moisture and remain odor free.

Very importantly, our buckwheat sleep pillows are made with a zipper allowing occasional hand washing of the 100% unbleached cotton pillow case if desired. Having a zipper also allows adjustment of the amount of filling needed to suit your own personal comfort.

The filling lasts for many years. Long after other support fillings have collapsed or worn
out a buckwheat hull pillow will still be fully functional. Expected life is 7-10 years.

Buckwheat Hull Sleep Pillow

Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Standard buckwheat hull sleep pillow
18" x 24" - 5 1/2 lb

Price $40.00
Queen size buckwheat hull sleep pillow
19" x 26" - 7 1/2 lb
Price $50.00

Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow
These handy 10" x 13"  pillows are made from durable upholstery fabric and come in an assortment of colours and prints.  They are excellent for use in the car, at home in the easy chair or anywhere that neck or lower back support is needed. Also great for children to snuggle with on those long back seat journeys.
Price $12.00
Buckwheat Hull Vacation Pillow
 Our very versatile 22" x 9" vacation pillow is made from the same 100% unbleached cotton as our sleep pillows. Includes a washable polycotton cover, available in a variety of colours.
Great for taking with you on vacation, as they can be used in the
motel room should you not want to lug your full size pillow cross-country!
Price $20.00

Castile Soaps and Buckwheat Hull Pillows

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