Castile Soaps and Buckwheat Hull Pillows
Special Items
At Canterbury's we enjoy making & selling high quality - yet affordable - items that add
a little extra pleasure and happiness to our customers' lives. Here are some of our more popular "feel good" favorites.

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Beeswax Lip Balm
 Tangerine - Tea Tree - Vanilla - Peppermint - Plain
We make our all natural lip balms from beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil and essential oils. Long lasting and very softening to the lips and skin, you will soon find yourself leaving your old petroleum based commercial lip balms behind. Try our tea tree lip balm for very dry or chapped lips and cold sores.
$5.00 each 1/2 oz pot
Lavender Eye Pillow
Filled with flaxseed, lavender flowers and natural lavender essential oil. Use to help relieve stress, tired eyes and mild headaches. Wonderful to use at night to help induce sleep naturally. Each 7" x 4" pillow comes complete with a washable slipcover.
Price $12.00 each
Microwave Comfort Pillow For a special treat try one of our cotton flannel oat-filled comfort pillows. Simply heat pillow in the microwave for soothing your aches & pains away! May also be used as a cold pack if left in the deep freeze. Long 22" x 4" size is perfect used around a tired neck, wrist or ankle. Many customers also enjoy using this versatile pillow as a neck support while reading etc. Square 9" x 9" size is excellent for greater area coverage such as on a shoulder, hip or knee requiring some TLC.
Price $15.00 each

Visit us in person at our gift shop or market booths to find out what other items we have on offer. We take great pleasure in creating new items as well as re-introducing past or seasonal favorites. Unexpected treats such as our "lavender bath salts", "harvest time soap", or Deb's unique and tantalizing "tangerine bath cookies" for Christmas are just a few examples!

Castile Soaps and Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Soaps . Pillows . Special Items . Beeswax Candles . Home . Order

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